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Our equipment conforms to the highest international safety standards

Supplying UK Schools, Councils & More since 2007

No need for costly, time consuming installation.

Simply bolt into the ground like a park bench (bolts supplied)

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Our products come Fully Assembled with Free Delivery so they're perfect for Getting Kids Active Outdoors and are suitable for All Abilities.

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age 7 - 70+

Running Roller

£ 650 +VAT


£ 650 +VAT


£ 650 +VAT


£ 650 +VAT

Fun Outdoor Gym Photos
Fun Outdoor Gym Photos
Physical benefits and fun for all ages
Although we can supply any items that you may want, we generally do not supply the following type of equipment because...
  1. Expensive and time consuming to install and maintain annually
  2. Easy to vandalise foundations requiring expensive re-fits
  3. Very little physical benefit or fun factor, therefore items get very little use and stand underused and neglected
Unsafe products Unsafe products Unsafe products
Time consuming installation with unsafe products

The products above may also require time consuming expensive instalation with foundation frames like the examples pictured to the left.
These frames can come loose over time.